Telemarketing – A Fast Growing Global Business Strategy

IT Telemarketing has become a controversial thing for all persons. Its major objective is to sale the products and services. It basically is the process of selling merchandise and products to the customers or consumers through the telephone directories or through the information technology.

Telemarketers do much effort to know about the potential customers, they try to attract the customers by calling the persons with their names and placing their products at reasonable price. Telemarketers do the recording of sale patches and then playing these recordings automatically on the phones.

It could be possible to do telemarketing of your products and services from offices, from call centers, or from your home. It could be done through the use of recorded message or through operator. For effective IT telemarketing, first calls the person to know about their need and then make another call to motivate him to purchase your product or service.

The probable clients are identified through the means of various techniques and methods like their previous history of procure, limit of credit, entry forms and the other contact details also. There selection is done on their interest of buying some product or service. The IT telemarketing also involves the charity works as the charity organizations and institutions make their charities through the telemarketing techniques.

Moreover, the largest business vendors use the IT telemarketing techniques to get the information of the customers about their interest and purchase in different number of brands, products and services. But there are also some drawback associated with the telemarketing as well, as there is not visual dealing between the two parties and the lack of assurances.

Telemarketing uses different number of resources like the telephone searches and IT telemarketing methods on internet. Telemarketing offers the up to date information of the customers, dynamically shuffling the databases. The phone calls can be made in real time and the consumers respond quickly and the job gets done rapidly.

Components of an Effective Cold Call Script

Writing or developing a cold call script can be challenging due to the fact that there is a lot of information that we would like to share and gather from a sales prospect, yet we only have a very brief amount of time to work with. One thing to help with this is to have a framework for the main components of a script and then we can just plug in the content as it applies to situation.

Below are components that could be used as a framework for a cold calling script with some information on how to be most effective in each area:

Of course, any time you pick of the phone and call someone else, you will need to begin with some sort of introduction. The key here is to be as brief as possible by simply stating who you are and what company you are with. One thing that can make an introduction more powerful and effective is to name drop other individuals or organizations that you have worked with.

Confirm Availability
At some point early in the cold call script, it is critical to confirm that the prospect is available. You do not need to confirm that they are available for a meeting, but more so confirm that they are available for your cold call. A good way to accomplish this is by asking if you have caught them in the middle of anything or if they have a moment.

Confirming the prospect’s availability is key because not only does it buy you two to five minutes right off of the bat, but it also does a lot toward building rapport with the prospect as you are showing them that you respect them and their time.

Value Statement
The key ingredient in a cold call script is the value statement. A value statement is a brief statement summarizing the value that your clients receive from doing business with you. The goal of the value statement is to get the prospects attention and let them know why they should spend two to five minutes talking with you.

Qualify Questions
Once you have communicated how you help businesses or individuals, it is powerful to tell them that you don’t know if what you have can help them and to ask a couple of questions to qualify the opportunity. This step is powerful for three reasons:

1. By you trying to qualify the prospect, their guard will be decreased as they will not have that feeling like someone is pushing a sale on them.
2. You will gather key information that you can use later in the cold call or sales cycle.
3. You might identify that it is not a qualified opportunity and end the call saving yourself and the prospect valuable time.

Building Interest
Once you have qualified the prospect, it is time to build interest. You do not have time to go into a tremendous amount of detail but there should be a couple of statements made that connect the value statement with any pain identified while asking qualifying questions.

First Conversation
The last step in a cold call script should be to tee up a first conversation. This first conversation may actually occur during the cold call, but ideally the cold call will be the invitation to talk in more detail at another time that is scheduled with both parties.

Successful Sales Lead Generation

When a business first starts it must focus on who the potential customers will be? Where they are? What they do? This information can be gathered in a number of ways, but most successfully through thorough market research and logical thought towards who your target market should be. For existing businesses, gathering information can also be sourced from market research and logic; however they have the added advantage of their existing customers to learn from and adapt accordingly. By maintaining a solid relationship with existing customers, a business can see firsthand exactly what their customers’ needs and requirements are, allowing them to focus on generating leads to similar prospects rather than spending time and resources on lower profit consumers within the market.

The most common and successful methods of generating leads is through networking, public relations, or advertising. Successful networking is about meeting and getting to know new people. By implementing a friendly and dedicated driven sales team, your business can and will benefit greatly. It is important that your sales team thoroughly understand your sales lead generation programme and have trust and belief in what they are selling, be it services or products. Customers will pick up on these qualities and are more likely to listen further if they feel they can trust what’s being said to them.

Successful lead generation can be achieved more easily than some think. Your interaction with customers should be friendly and on a need to know basis. To many questions, too fast regarding personal information can quite often have a withdrawal affect on potential customers. Keep your pitch to minimum, and with each request add value to your request, be it free merchandise or added services.

It is essential to keep track of all leads; this includes source, date generated and where the lead originated. The more information you can gather on each lead the more you can learn about the behaviour of your customers, thus improving future sales strategies.

Finally review; through regularly reviewing your sales lead generation programme the more you will learn and understand about what works for your business. It is important to quickly identify any difficulties, problems and performance issues within your strategy, so you can fix and adapt. The importance of sales lead generation should never be overlooked; it can make all the difference to the optimism of your sales team and of course to your profits